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  • Mechanical Sales Engineer

    Position: Mechanical Sales Engineer

    Release time: 2017-08-22

    Number of recruits: 4

    Age: 25-35

    Treatment level: 5000-8000

    Limited period: 2018-10-22

    Work area: Xiamen City, Taizhou City

    Specific requirements:

    Job responsibilities:

    -Mainly responsible for following up the production process of mold orders and providing technical support in a timely manner;

    -Maintain daily email communication with customers, receive and sort out customer technical requirements, and timely feedback to the production plant;

    -Track and supervise the progress of the implementation of the customer's technical requirements, and timely feedback the results of the factory to the customer;

    -Maintain good customer relations and promptly assist in solving technical service requirements raised by after-sales customers.

    job requirements:

    -Bachelor degree, mechanical major, no experience;

    -English level 4 or above, can read and write, and have certain oral communication skills;

    -Skillful application of CAD drawings, clear thinking, strong observation and understanding ability;

    -Work proactively, have teamwork spirit, and have a strong sense of responsibility.